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  1. Re: Spammers bypassing CAPTCHA and/or attack prevention

    I have attack detection on. I've only disabled ALERT ON ATTACK DETECTION. I followed the "How-to" guides when I set it up (pre 8.10). I use an ini file for e-mail addresses, and Captcha Creator.
  2. Spammers bypassing CAPTCHA and/or attack prevention

    This is my second attempted post regarding this subject. Spammers/bots are apparently bypassing the captcha scheme. Received this e-mail today from a form on our website. *No* turing entry at all,...
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    Support for reCaptcha?

    Any plans to support reCaptcha? I really like the new captcha feature, but have had complaints from users that it's hard to decipher. reCaptcha will do the same function but in addition to providing...
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