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This page documents the DESTROY_SESSION configuration setting in FormMail.

Type Of Setting

DESTROY_SESSION is an OPTIONAL setting, which means...

OPTIONAL : you can change this setting if you need to, but the default value is fine for most circumstances.


Controls destruction of the PHP session.


DESTROY_SESSION controls whether the PHP "session_destroy()" function is called.

If DESTROY_SESSION is set to true, FormMail destroys the PHP session (either the default or the one named by SESSION_NAME) when its processing is complete.

If DESTROY_SESSION is set to false, FormMail simply un-sets any session variables it has created when its processing is complete.

FormMail uses the PHP session for Advanced Error Handling and for Multi-page forms.

If your page redirects to another page using good_url, the session is left unchanged. This allows your page to access the PHP session.

DESTROY_SESSION was introduced in version 8.11. Prior to that version, FormMail always destroyed the PHP session (when its processing was complete).

Default Value

From version 9 onwards:


Before version 9:



From version 9 onwards:


Before version 9:


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