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  1. Not redirecting correctly on error
  2. how to redirect to thank you page
  3. Help with recaptcha
  4. IXWebHosting - getting emails to send
  5. Disable Form Mail Messages For validation
  6. Can i send a mail by J2EE coding?
  7. Blank lines in email
  8. fmbadhandler and reCaptcha errors
  9. How do I set up a back end for my ecommerce website and how do I get formmail for for
  10. #! Redirect
  11. Blank Fields following fmbadhandler process
  12. Reverse CAPTCHA ~ Thoughts, Tips, and Questions
  13. ON Submission Target Parent or Self doesn't work
  14. SMTP issue with Centos/RHEL 6.x
  15. redirecting to thank you page_ help required.
  16. Delete footer//Tailor template
  17. Display error message on Form page itself (formval.js)
  18. Template PHP Processing
  19. PHP coding question in a FORMMAIL TEMPLATE (TEMPLATEURL)
  20. Forms and Languages.
  21. Validation not working
  22. HTML Form Reset Buttons
  23. Form Update
  24. PHP redirect based on form input - but doesn't work. Defaults to generic Thank You
  25. Make individual CSV files or batch results together?
  26. how should these first 2 lines be coded?
  27. verify_failed error message
  28. omitting empty fields
  29. Passing field content to the redirect page
  30. Avoid sending blank fields in the email
  31. Avoid getting the colum header in the csv file
  32. Confused about sender vs from_addr vs reply-to
  33. Using Formmail cross domains?
  34. How can I send the form to 2 email accounts?
  35. Can I bar a specific IP address
  36. File Attachments
  37. Forms Sent From "www-data....."
  38. How to make forms 'responsive'?
  39. A way to hide empty fields in the good_template
  40. Can I hide fields in form?