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  1. Sending form results in an HTML email
  2. Deriving fields from other fields
  3. Read This First
  4. Advanced Error Handling
  5. Uploading files
  6. Redirecting the user
  7. Creating CSV files (databases)
  8. PlainTemplate feature - formatting your plain text email
  9. Auto responder
  10. Using Filters, including FormMailEncoder
  11. Unique attachment file names
  12. Hiding email addresses from spammers
  13. formmail remembrance of dynamicly created options in select boxes
  14. formmail remembrance of dynamically created select boxes
  15. Displaying checked boxes in html mail
  16. HOW TO guides are moving!
  17. Site needs some organization
  18. Flash and formmail
  19. How do I develop my own form?
  20. How to make a static advert for email
  21. Preview Page before submission
  22. How to pass values between 2 forms?
  23. Request for tips on specifying recipients
  24. confirm email address
  25. Formmail replicates/duplicates a set of fields?
  26. Leaving Blank Fields Empty
  27. capture form data in database and email data simultaneously
  28. conditional next_form page
  29. Formail difficulties
  30. Send file upload to different server destination
  31. SPAMers filling out my form with a bunch of links
  32. Customizing my setup
  33. Condition (If.. then)
  34. badfrmhandler.php return corrupted display?
  35. Formatting Formmail's response
  36. Can't get email templates to work
  37. Adding Quote ID #'s
  38. Recipient Email
  39. FromAddr in ini file?
  40. email
  41. Multiple different forms on same site?
  42. Subject in email
  43. new to formail and need assistance
  44. Data Gathering
  45. German Umlaut
  46. Realname in Subject
  47. Can I Have Output Come Through On 1 Line?
  48. Treat form fields in "good_url" page.
  49. Formmail+Mysql
  50. Can Vistor Select email Recipient?
  51. Name of sender in autorespond
  52. File upload progress indicator
  53. HTML Form Results not displaying correctly in any Email Clients
  54. Solution for Encoding From Header in utf-8
  55. Displaying All Form results on a Web Page?
  56. Sending as BCc
  57. next_form help
  58. How use forum to generate
  59. autoresponder email
  60. How to upload file dynamically?
  61. Newbie here - Help please
  62. HowTo set FormMail to send utf-8 messages
  63. Subject & realname - encoding issues
  64. changing file names to accommodate another language
  65. Unwanted line breaks in HTML email from form
  66. Email attachment and Upload
  67. PHP/AJAX form submission tip
  68. Creating a UniqueID number with derive_fields and time/date stamp
  69. submit button also downloads a file
  70. hey i'm postin'
  71. htaccess
  72. Multiple Templates for one form submit
  73. Usability & accessibility: on user error: show same form but with problemfield in RED
  74. how to incorporate the ReCaptcha.net captcha??
  75. HTML template truoble - email missing info
  76. Editing good_url and bad_url
  77. Multiple Selection [] causing form to not require fields
  78. Frontpage dropdown menu selections must have a "value"
  79. Form spam, how to stop
  80. Quiz Form?
  81. how do I do auto response?
  82. NewVerifyImage not working
  83. Found likely solution but need 8.03 code snippet
  84. Using conditions - supplement to documentation
  85. success page
  86. grading a quiz
  87. Variables not passed to thanks.htm
  88. please help with good_template
  89. How to recieve formatted emails, not plain text!
  90. Defining your TEMPLATEDIR path with Godaddy (Linux)
  91. need to know...
  92. Editing Email addresses.
  93. Make fmbadhandler repopulate name and email fields | Simple How-to
  94. Javascript validate form popup
  95. Discovered limitation in .ini file comments (semicolons versus pound signs / hashes,
  96. Hopefully a simple fix
  97. language problem
  98. Changed form and want to add fields to CSV file
  99. How To Allow Sneder to Print Results
  100. Forcing only one field to be filled - possible/how?
  101. Returning to Form Not Populating Fields-One Solution
  102. Negative Captcha or Reverse Captcha
  103. How to redirect to website after thank you page
  104. Session IDs
  105. good_url "thank you" page doesn't work
  106. PHPn00b cant get redirect please help
  107. Small form to prefill a longer form
  108. Put FormMail results in PDF
  109. Simple code to save form results to .txt?
  110. changing the email
  111. captcha
  112. Form Stopped Working
  113. Errors as alerts not URL redirects
  114. Alternative Email to Sender
  115. Referring to file locations in an easily-movable FormMail installation
  116. Set Up Formmail with a custom error template!
  117. Adding Text in email
  118. Lesson for the day: no underscores in recipients email addresses
  119. dynamically create additional forms
  120. php script and database
  121. Validation of checkboxes
  122. Repetitive spam in form (not URL)
  123. The following error occurred in FormMail :
  124. FormMail Windows IIS5.0, PHP5.2.6
  125. condition assistance
  126. Block fields in error emails
  127. $TEMPLATEDIR = Troubleshooting: The saga continues
  128. Need to capture sender email but always use the "From" address
  129. Need to capture sender email but always use the "From" address
  130. How i can set my own formmail?
  131. Getting spam messages with CAPTCHA installed via formmail-relaytest
  132. I need to integrate the CAPTCHA solution from http://www.captchacreator.com
  133. help with csv and fmcompute
  134. Formmail Script Error
  135. Form validation
  136. $TEMPLATEDIR bug - anybody solved this?
  137. Select box determines recipient of formMail
  138. emails fail to send--how do I implement these instructions?
  139. How to do simple computation
  140. Need help with sender email, email format, more
  141. Submit button that also changes "next_form"?
  142. email change
  143. Form mail on multiple pages of site in conj with advanced errors
  144. Form with PayPal
  145. The easy way to find your path ...
  146. Page Title as "Subject"
  147. Good_URL in ini vs form
  148. Passing a variable
  149. PlainTemplate not working with Filter = CSV
  150. How do I clear form data upon submission?
  151. How do I include BotScout to my Form Handler
  152. Form With Multiple Email Recipients
  153. How to remove blank fields upon submission
  154. my experience setting up formmail w/ captcha & verification
  155. javascript functions
  156. Avoiding the Junk Mailbox
  157. How to change from sending email to writing to csv
  158. Getting the INI file to work
  159. Filtering a comments field
  160. form data doesn't show when click link on error pg
  161. Formail Idiot here!!
  162. Omitting fields from email
  163. New to all this ...
  164. Printing a completed form
  165. Email verification and regular expression pattern
  166. How to redirect to a new window.
  167. Help please! :) Script error?
  168. Adding Securimage Captcha to Formail?
  169. Template tangle
  170. Uploading to a sub directory
  171. Solution for international characters in plain txt emails
  172. Email Destinations
  173. CAPTCHA Alternative: Simple Math Question
  174. Refresh Captcha image without losing form feild inputs
  175. Image verification problem solutions
  176. Image verification problem solutions
  177. What HTML Editor Should I Use?
  178. Formmail not reading PlainTemplate -error message
  179. sending files via formmail?
  180. HTMLTemplate screws FormMail Process
  181. Frameset: Preventing loading of the default thankyou
  182. Connecting to SQL Database?
  183. Help With FORMMAIL trying to get it to work
  184. Convert existing HTML form for FormMail?
  185. Required Fields
  186. How-to guide: Using FormMail with more than one language
  187. How to install PEAR?
  188. Clicking submit button shows code in browser window
  189. How can I prevent a HiddenField value data from e-mail
  190. can't get footer.php to show on error page as an include
  191. Custom html "Thank you" page
  192. PHPmailer SEND ERROR...
  193. good_url" value=" go back -2 pages
  194. Recipent email address depends on referring page?
  195. Re: Dreamweaver
  196. copy to email sender
  197. Redirect Page Problem
  198. Ignoring Empty Form Fields
  199. From submission random
  200. Difference between 'ATTACK_DETECTION_URL' and 'bad_url'
  201. ReCaptcha error message
  202. Pre-Validate Form Field Contents Before formmail Processes Submit
  203. Adding File Name to Email
  204. Drop Down Box with input option
  205. FormMail and Godaddy Plesk
  206. How Do I Add New Fields?
  207. Form Results Formatted in BOTH Mail Body and Attachment
  208. Personalising email response.
  209. Switched host - now wrong address in responce
  210. Excluding Empty Fields
  211. Lock Formmail to a domain?
  212. FormMail to database question
  213. Does formmail sent a 'form submitted' type note?
  214. Multiple Forms, One Script
  215. Send two seperate emails?
  216. Issue after form submission
  217. HTML email problems
  218. Advanced FormMail Templates
  219. Update script
  220. Sending some data from session, not from form, without hidden input fields
  221. content of textarea, text input not showing up in email
  222. Adding INI to PHP (hide email)
  223. Where can I find solutions to error messages?
  224. E-mail recipients from a drop down menu. Please provide code examples.
  225. Multiple Forms
  226. How to collect field calaculated by javascript?
  227. How do I CAPTCHA existing forms?
  228. fmbadhandler not repopulating fields
  229. Can I detour sending of good form page?
  230. good_template from a drop down?
  231. how to edit thank you msg
  232. How to Have Multiple Recipients?
  233. send all fields to one email, some fields to another
  234. Help with "CONDITIONS"
  235. Adding a "Must Accept Terms" check box
  236. Forms not be validated by formval.js?
  237. CSV options?
  238. Conditions in Form
  239. write directy to mysql
  240. How to Reject Emails with hidden field
  241. Validation with formval.js
  242. Replace ',' with '<br>' or similar for html template
  243. AJAX Submission Integration
  244. line breaks in html source output
  245. Autoreply with PDFs
  246. Return form errors to original input page
  247. How can I change the text size in a textarea box
  248. Can't get checkbox to re-populate after missing fields error
  249. Formmail.php edit Mailserver
  250. Problem with samplegoodtemplate.htm + sampleform.htm + formmail.php