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  1. fmbadhandler and javascript
  2. rejected email address
  3. sampleautorespform.htm Bug
  4. File uploading with multi-page forms?
  5. fault on the server ?
  6. mutiple recipients not working with ini file
  7. mail_option "Exclude"
  8. Select Field Default Not Working
  9. remove br's from fmerroritemlist variable??
  10. Handling of the subject field
  11. Wizard problem
  12. Annoying error
  13. Intermittent email not sent
  14. FORMMAIL Ver 8 update
  15. mail_options bug when in .ini file
  16. fmbadhandler url rejected on server
  17. Problems specifying "good_url" in different ways
  18. 1st Time For Repeated Spam
  19. Email address triggering MANY_URLS
  20. Redirecting to file downloads is deleting file extender...
  21. Missing characters
  22. Outlook Express bug with html template
  23. at mangle xyxy
  24. HackerGuardian scan triggers false emails
  25. Invalid html output bad_template - fmerroritemlist (v8.03)
  26. Bug using fmbadhandler with special fields realname and email
  27. verify_failed
  28. derive_fields & conditions - problems?
  29. multiple emails (different domains)
  30. underscore in email address *AND* using [email_addresses] in INI file
  32. Not Acceptable
  33. AT_MANGLE give me an error mail
  34. Bug in good_template variable
  35. verifyimg.php v1.02 Re: "MANDATORY" configuration
  36. Latest version of FormMail?
  37. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING
  38. Bad links on return from fmbadhandler template
  39. if you don't provide email, then "from" field messed up
  40. "this_form" value in multipage forms bug?
  41. Submit hangs in Windows IE (only)
  42. Attack detection enabled but still get many URLs
  43. unexpected T_ELSE line formmail.php on line 5502
  44. Unable to create check file
  45. It doenst work on some hosts
  46. Undefined variable: FILE_REPOSITORY on line 7765
  47. Notice using FILEUPLOAD (in debug mode)
  48. " symbol replaced by ' symbol problem
  49. Firefox / IE submit form problem
  50. Captcha not working in Firefox 3.0.3????
  51. McAfee Scan Alert can break into the form
  52. Script Error: unable to create check file
  53. Is form vulnerable to cross site scripting?
  54. fmbadhandler not passing this_form
  55. IE redirect problem
  56. Formmail 8.11 and new session access
  57. Capcha and 8.11 problem
  58. Fields do not show up on the e-mail
  59. cannot clear an UPLOAD field
  60. 8.11: NoEmpty not on environment variables
  61. 8.11: realname value not applied to default email (no email supplied)
  62. 8.11: Broken header with combination of email and replyto (Reply-To)
  63. 8.11: simple contact form automatically to ordinary email
  64. PEAR Send error
  65. syntax error ?
  66. Require_Captcha in php doesn't work
  67. Form Breaks
  68. Spammers are bypassing captcha in formmail!
  69. Spammers bypassing CAPTCHA and/or attack prevention
  70. Unable to create check file "/fm586e48.txt"
  71. Check for Updates
  72. Filter = CSV doesn't work in INI file
  73. All Hooks Stopped Working
  74. Wrong charset in email subject
  75. Error=Failed to send email
  76. alert_on_user_error
  77. FormMail alert
  78. Just wrong charset in email subject
  79. Re: Sender's email, body format, file size
  80. message cat at about 1000 characters
  81. Error message with HTMLTemplate
  82. Duplicate Forms with Adv. Alm Handler
  83. Using a comma in literals
  84. file_names rename limitation?
  85. NewImageVerify not working in newer browsers
  86. Valid email addresses being rejected as spam
  87. Session ID
  88. configuration variables: $bCleanText and $bWobbleChar not working
  89. Is there a way to get Formmail to send HTML or UTF-8 encoded text mail?
  90. Site has been temporarily disabled as it has been flagged as compromised
  91. Fatal Error on verifyimg.php
  92. Script error
  93. Attack detection
  94. GeoIP
  95. Error handling
  96. Set_sender_from
  97. eregi function
  98. bad_ini...syntax error?
  99. Error page does not show all errors
  100. Redirect problems
  101. Upgrade 8.15 to 8.23 brought def_alert spam + alert question
  102. Form Results as HTML Attachment
  103. Troubles with diacritic characters
  104. Can't Write to CVS file
  105. SITE_DOMAIN configuration instructions?
  106. Possible Bug
  107. TemplateMissing Issue?
  108. bad_url redirect a Security Issue?
  109. TARGET_EMAIL not limiting recipients
  110. Send without Send?
  111. HTML Email and Checkbox field
  112. Version 8.2.7 Parse Error
  113. v8.28 attack detection not working
  114. wrong html-entities e-mail after upgrade to v8.28
  115. Version 8.28: mail_options CharSet and spanish characters doesn't work with HTML form
  116. MAXSTRING not truncating textarea form field of a single-field-form
  117. Hyphen not working in user name
  118. Possible bug in formmail 8.31
  119. Possible Bug with RECAPTCHA and 8.33
  120. reCaptcha causing page to not encrypt?
  121. Bad handler issues
  122. Error=The form has an internal error - no actions or recipients were specified.
  123. Missing input mystery
  124. Derived Fields Sort Order
  125. $SCRATCH_PAD Bug?
  126. Coding and the FMBadhandler
  127. Strict Standards Warning
  128. derive_fields: unknown value specification ""
  129. Formmail V8.36 - Submission error when posting with no file to upload
  130. Form submition without filing the CAPTCHA field...
  131. How to attach a PDF file to a check-boxes???
  132. Could anyone help please
  133. Form Validation not working in IE7 & IE8, all others ok
  134. Recaptcha Field validates true if same numberof characters
  135. fmbadhandler.php does not return input items that use HTML 5 type tags