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  1. Two things really annoy me about formmail.php
  2. Very minor Point re. Link back to Tectite
  3. Easier access to configuration options
  4. Back Button Image
  5. Templates.. FORMS
  6. derive_fields can't seem to handle arrays
  7. Creating a more customizable $FROM_USER setting
  8. Moving commenting & configuration
  9. Formail Version Displayed on Tectite.com
  10. "required" array from ini file and form
  11. Suggestions from a Newbie
  12. Tectite Formmail Lite
  13. multiple .ini files for one formmail.php
  14. Dreamweaver problems
  15. Admin Interface
  16. Support for reCaptcha?
  17. Hook Documentation
  18. W3C Validation
  19. Blogger Does Not Accept My Template?
  20. CSV and leading zeros
  21. Carbon copy option
  22. Configurable constraint on upload file types
  23. I agree with a Lite version
  24. Catcha should be optional.
  25. I stopped using your formmail because....
  26. Security in the sending form
  27. improve session handling
  28. Way to add time to mouseover of thread view?
  29. Hook system and redirect, posting session data to good_url, ini files
  30. To stop or slow down the spammer
  31. please html form wizard to
  32. Tectite FormMail GUI version
  33. fmbadhandler enhancement request
  34. Default settings change: don't sent forms from user supplied email addr (SPF related)
  35. Environment variables sent in headers of e-mail message
  36. Ability to remove / strip fields from being processed
  37. When possible: sent http server-side header redirect
  38. Two FormMail with one common "csvfile" and one common "next_num_file"?
  39. Part of web form into VCF file attached to e-mail message
  40. Save As Feature
  41. More advanced anti-spam measure please (without captcha)
  42. Better serverabuse detection: a user submitting an e-mail delivery status message is
  43. Comparing fields
  44. Sending data from disabled fields
  45. Retain Form Data
  46. Looking for an email poll type script
  47. Email Submit Form
  48. Guestbook?
  49. Easier Updating
  50. junk email attacks
  51. Thank you for a great script!
  52. Attack Detection Log
  53. $SESSION_NAME instructions needed in php
  54. FMBadHandler should repopulate hidden fields
  55. Pass s_user_info message to ATTACK_DETECTION_URL
  56. Filter HTTP_REFERER
  57. Just wanted to say Thanks!
  58. Thank you.
  59. 1&1 hosting - formmail ini file problem
  60. 1&1 hosting - formmail ini file problem SOLVED
  61. multi language support please
  62. Captcha becoming Obsolete?
  63. [Suggestion] Ban IP Address on File
  64. "Read Recipets"
  65. PHP coding style: single quotes instead of double quotes
  66. Two suggestions for the Form Wizard
  67. Suggestion for FormMail documentation change
  68. Suggestion for FormMail enhancement
  70. Hello everyone.