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  1. Don't Attach, Upload
  2. samplebadtemplate.htm
  3. Is there such a thing as "secure" relaying?
  4. Improved Formmail Configuration
  5. Formmail ini file
  6. Ability to manipulate variables in php templates during form process
  7. Can formmail pass data to remote url?
  8. functionality included?
  9. Can formmail merge data into a document?
  10. Can the csv file be attached to an email?
  11. Can recipient be specified in a form field
  12. Is SMTP Authentication supported?
  13. A return Web Site in all success replys
  14. Can you add mutiple fields, radio buttons, drop-down lists, etc. ?
  15. Image upload and csv
  16. Upload Field in MultiForm
  17. Multiple Recipients Issues
  18. redirect with value in FormMail
  19. New to formmail -- need help
  20. Using Image Verification
  21. Numbering of enries in .csv file
  22. uploading file
  23. where do I download verifyimg.php
  24. Error mail
  25. Multi-page forms
  26. header injection
  27. How do i get user to imput their email twice so we are sure they entered it correctly
  28. Recipient = User who Submits
  29. FormMail Generated Messages to Users
  30. display multiple selected options?
  31. MultiForm - Remember Name and Email
  32. Counter number on formmail messages
  33. Newline not recognised
  34. Filter Form Results
  35. Use number as variable in template
  36. Date in CSV file
  37. display data entered by the user in good_url file
  38. Using formmail on an intranet?
  39. Multiple recipients
  40. Send e-mail and also update database?
  41. can bad_template provide input
  42. Audio Prompt for verifyimg.php
  43. Attack_detection_many_urls
  44. add prices to my form
  45. Saving form progress
  46. Getting a form field into the e-mail header
  47. Server Abuse Page Redirection...
  48. Controlling email content
  49. Required fields page redirect
  50. INI file issue
  51. Subject input by user
  52. can I get my zip file resent?
  53. Save each submission as an XML file?
  54. Set Sender different than From
  55. required fields
  56. Using One FormMail Script for Multiple Forms
  57. Using International Accents in Script Code Lines
  59. Missing values alert
  60. Can I get the equivalent of NoEmpty using html forms?
  61. using conditions, I see only the first failure
  62. IP-Number
  63. email not sent after fmcompute
  64. FormMail script for Email Submittal Only
  65. Multiple Recipients - Drop Down Menu
  66. Can formail do this?
  67. Images in HTML Email Template
  68. Validate fields not required
  69. .ini file and input into ‘hidden’ field as spam control
  70. Security question
  71. can't nextnum
  72. Bad Words Filter
  73. Text field array? Apples, Cherries & Pears...
  74. Clear / Reset button not working after return from error page
  75. Leaving out fields in a template
  76. CVS Posting Issues
  77. HTML Error Template
  78. Security - Prevent Hacking Email Addresses
  79. good_url / bad_url in ini
  80. Question about v 8.02 upgrade
  81. Working with PDF Form...
  82. Allowed email addresses
  83. Php 5
  84. Creating a Template
  85. Conditions: How to send different HTML forms based on form input
  86. Auto resizing of uploaded graphic files
  87. "contact" page spam trawlers?
  88. Dual Submit Buttons Going to Dual good_url
  89. how to send attachments with the email and not upload them?
  90. PHP5 compatibility
  91. Multiple Email templates
  92. Hardcoded logfile? (in PHP file)
  93. Bypassing Image Validation
  94. PHP code for a honeypot spam trap?
  95. Excluding Fields
  96. encrypt form?
  97. Radio Buttons and templates
  98. Formmail as a backend for a flash app
  99. question about Derived_field and .ini
  100. Spam attempts too close for comfort - Any advice?
  101. Once installed on my web server is everything running locally?
  102. Can I make a contact page using formmail?
  103. Change the generic thank you.
  104. redirect question
  105. Where to place a simple code check?
  106. Write to csv and send no mail
  107. How to set field order in emails?
  108. send mail through non-PEAR SMTP?
  109. bcc issues
  110. Length of "required" string in the INI
  111. How to implement a really bad idea
  112. display empty form fieldsfields
  113. Thank you message and REALNAME
  114. Selecting Message X-Priority
  115. charset in csv files
  116. Using a Results Template, Error on Submit of Empty Field
  117. database lookup based on form input.
  118. Formatting Results Template ?
  119. Disallow URLs
  120. Using Server Side INI file with a multipage form
  121. Spam getting through
  122. Using Verify Img and the Enter Key
  123. Error Handling and Emailing me
  124. CVS to Email
  125. Email Form be sent without confirmation page?
  126. How can I improve the Thank You page?
  127. Write csv to different directory
  128. File Uploads - realname not working
  129. Sendmail?
  130. Mulipage form sample problem, missing fields
  131. Still Getting Spam from my site even though all my forms use IMG verification
  132. Subject Field populating the email Subject field not working with a <select>
  133. Sending a mail to a mail address specified by the user
  134. Re: Integrating Securimage CAPTCHA?
  135. Insert OrderForm.js (with price calculation)
  136. Suddenly - inundated with spam
  137. Template use in e-mail
  138. Multi-Page forms and Advanced Templates
  139. Nested Conditions?
  140. Include fields into the e-mail body
  141. Receive all the fields in ucase
  142. Limit one submission per email
  143. Overflowing email inbox
  144. changing the layout of the email
  145. I get PHPSESSID at the end of the link
  146. FormMail Error
  147. Getting a mail_options error
  148. not good url display after hook system
  149. Spammed less than 8 hours later
  150. csv files
  151. Uploading Files
  152. CharSet problem
  153. Make a select box required
  154. is it possible to run formmail directly off a PC?
  155. FormMail Configuration Wizard
  156. How to get rid of PHPSESSID in URL?
  157. DEF_ALERT Function
  158. Rotating Email Addresses On Form Submission Results
  159. Detect a specific field entry
  160. Remove field from template when left empty
  161. Creaig CSV Files
  162. compatiblity with PHP5
  163. Need to alter layout of emailed results
  164. How to set the Reply-To header?
  165. Multiple forms and FormMail
  166. Can I specify approved referrers?
  167. Email Template + Good URL Template?
  168. Concatenate fields in template
  169. FMbadhandler.php not handling :0(
  170. Blocking IP
  171. Problems with Reverse Captcha
  172. filtering user input
  173. Can formmail solve my gmail conversation issue?
  174. Does it protect my adress?
  175. Version Check
  176. Spry-validation of imgverify field (captcha)
  177. Send Auto Respond + Recipients Email
  178. realname and email
  179. Possible to do a simple field data = whatever check?
  180. Captcha creator license
  181. Multiform and captcha
  182. Pear_smtp_host
  183. Can FormMail Create / Return A HTML Page
  184. Template question
  185. Captcha and the Browser Back Button
  186. Condition fails
  187. What are all these "input hidden" entries for?
  188. sending data spanning multiple emails with one submit
  189. Anyway to make certain field choices activate other fields?
  190. Error tags does not validate
  191. Multiple File Attach in E-mail
  192. Highlight errors on form
  193. How does attack_detection_junk handle slashes?
  194. Prevent letters in number only field
  195. Redirect page
  196. setting the reply to in my email
  197. CSV Headers Repeating
  198. Format of "From" header
  199. ?? about the wizard
  200. Formmail Version 9
  201. Putting errors beside where they occur
  202. Firefox Add-On Firebug
  203. Captcha Image Missing
  204. anti-spam: possible to block keywords?
  205. no recipient?
  206. fmbadhandler
  207. Attach file already on the server?
  208. fmbadhandler and TEXTAREA plus other questions
  209. INI files and Reverse Captcha
  210. Drupal and formmail
  211. Urgent help required
  212. Format Email Results with Line Breaks
  213. Make Sender's Email be the Email to Reply to?
  214. Return link for Server Abuse Detection?
  215. Date picker on form
  216. Set "good_url" value based on required form data
  217. allowed/not allowed file types for file upload - how dya do it?
  218. SpamBots Prevail...
  219. Using the Wizard for 2-page form
  220. FormMail script error (Appointment Email)
  221. Formmail for ActionScript3 variables?
  222. How do I Validate form fields
  223. Please Help with Generic Viagra Spam what can i do about this
  224. Update to 8.2 question
  225. Accept Terms Before Continuing
  226. Switch off good_template"
  227. Email Entire Form w/data
  228. Joomla applet
  229. Forms on multiple pages - need user page referral data
  230. Markup Validation
  231. Trying to undertand correct settings for $TARGET_EMAIL
  232. Email Webpage to a Friend
  233. Email Subject Line
  234. persistent tmp directory errors
  235. Test formail in a local server
  236. Autorespond with no Captcha
  237. Web host claims script is utilising 40MB (only 9MB upload)
  238. Recipient Based on Form Input
  239. Having FormMail create new directory on server
  240. Condition IF
  241. Reverse Captcha vs. ReCaptcha
  242. condition message translation
  243. Final Page Security
  244. If in templates
  245. retrieving form data for a particular person after submission
  246. How easy if no knowledge of php?
  247. Dual Database writes.
  248. derive_fields: minus operator = concatenate with a minus sign
  249. site_domain
  250. FormMail forwarded to Gmail and Yahoo always goes to Spam folder