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08-May-2004, 12:24 AM
formmail has this config:

$FILTERS = array("encode"=>"$REAL_DOCUMENT_ROOT/cgi-bin/fmencoder -kpubkey.txt");

is it OK if I change "encode" to something else? Does this have any affect on the security?

08-May-2004, 12:38 AM

$FILTERS = array("encode"=>"$REAL_DOCUMENT_ROOT/cgi-bin/fmencoder -kpubkey.txt");

In this default setup, "encode" is just an alias or quick name for the more complex command.

This is the name that your forms use to refer to the filter command.

You can use any word instead of "encode", and the only thing to remember to do is to use that word in your forms.

The name/word you choose has no effect on security, but it makes sense for you to use a meaningful word; one that's related to the action the filter takes.

Remember, the actual filter command is hidden from world - it's locked inside FormMail. Only people with FTP or Telnet/SSH access to your server can see inside FormMail.

Also, it's harmless to reveal the public key, so you and your customers are protected anyway. That's the beauty of Public Key Cryptography :).