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04-Nov-2006, 02:23 AM
On Windows and IIS, it seems unnecessarily difficult to get FormMailEncoder to work in some cases.

One solution has been found, and it's described in this FAQ (http://www.tectite.com/vbforums/faq.php?faq=formmail_faq#faq_formmail_iis).

Following is another solution another customer found:

Here are a few of things I had to do in order to get fmencoder to work
on Windows 2003 IIS6. PHP 5.2.1 itself was simple to setup. I used the
install instructions from this site
I also used the php isapi extension instead of cgi.

1. Created a cgi-bin directory and gave the IIS_WPG and IUSR_Webserver
accounts read & execute permissions.
2. I placed fmencoder.exe and pubkey.txt in the cgi-bin directory.
3. In IIS, I changed execute permissions to "Scripts and Executables"
for the cgi-bin directory. If this is
left on "scripts only" fmencoder.exe will be downloaded in the
browser as opposed to being ran.
4. In IIS I created a Web Service Extension called "fmencoder" and
pointed it to the fmencoder.exe file. The
status was set to allowed.
5. I also had to give the IIS_WPG and IUSR_Webserver accounts read &
execute permissions to the cmd.exe file.


Jeremy McCammack