View Full Version : fmcompute and or .ini file question

13-Jan-2010, 04:23 PM
(posted previously on (possibly) the wrong forum.. sorry)

I am using FormMail to grade and maintain scores
for quizzes submitted online.

all is well except I would like to change the score if students turn in
quizzes after the "latedate"

see http://www.271828.com/141/quiz13/

(for testing purposes i made all answers "A")

currently my .ini file runs a script and computes the "TotalScore"

I would like it to go one step further .. something like:

$currenttime = strtotime("now");
$latedate= xyz date; ///ie. something like $duedate + 2 days...

if ($currenttime > $latedate){
TotalScore = max(TotalScore, 75);

but none of this works on the .ini file.. and I don't know how to properly fix it... I have purchased the fmcompute module...

any help would be greatly appreciated..

BTW if any teachers are reading this.. this set up has saved me TONS of time.. I can give a quiz each week, get it graded and returned and scores
compiled x300 students... all effortlessly...