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    Re: Two things really annoy me about formmail.php

    I too would like to set up the e-mail address in my Form HTML so no one can read it (in a config file instead of using the AT_MANGLE). Is the doco now available?

    What would the "recipients" info...
  2. Re: Spam protection


    To avoid spammers, I have successfully been using imgverify. However even for a good Form respone I get an error message. (I had submitted somthing like this earlier in another thread...
  3. Re: "New image" button (imgverify) submits form + doesn't detect

    Thanks - Nearly everything is working now - imgverify etc but even with a correctly filled form entry, I still get that /tmp file error message as well. So I wonder it just a matter of having a...
  4. Re: "New image" button (imgverify) submits form + doesn't detect

    I too have spent most of the past few days trying to get formmail.php and verifyimg.php to work together. My existing gets spammed.

    I configured my formail.php on-line from your...
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