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  1. Re: Setting the subject for my form results

    Ginger and DR T thanks so much for your guidence! I fixed both of my issues!

    For anyone else running into the same problem on the realname deal just put this in the body of your html:

  2. Setting the subject for my form results

    I have been searching around the forum...really I have tried, but cannot find info on how I control what the subject line reads when I receive emails submitted from my form. Currently I just get a...
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    Re: Redirect page

    I figured out my issue. Tried to remove thread but didn;t know how. To solve my problem all I had to do was add:

    <input type="hidden" name="good_url" value="confirmation.html" />
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    setting the reply to in my email

    My form works great, but when I receive emails they show as from:

    I want to change this to something more appealing and usefull such as the...
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    Redirect page

    I am new to this and maybe this is dumb question, but I cannot see where to edit my file to choose where the user gets taken to after then submit info through my submit form.

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