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  1. Re: httpencode failed: (missing __OK__ line): "405 Method Not Allowed" (POST not allo

    I should note that I just called my web host and had a hard time explaining what my problem was; but also learned that I do have access to change my php.ini.

    So, I want to see if there are any...
  2. httpencode failed: (missing __OK__ line): "405 Method Not Allowed" (POST not allowed)

    Hi there,

    I'm trying to get formmail encoder working on a shared Apache/Linux host (fatcow is the host).

    The form works without the encryption; I ran into security issues trying to use the...
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    Re: session variables in fmbadhandler

    Hey there ---

    Here's something I did.

    My form is a .php file, let's call it myform.php.

    I set bad_url to go back to the form url itself.

    Then in the form I do a "session_start()" and...
  4. Re: failed to open stream: no suitable wrapper could be found

    So basically, I think it boils down to this: url_fopen() is disabled in your php.ini. Formmail uses that feature of php to open your template as a url.

    Documentation on
  5. Re: Discovered limitation in .ini file comments (semicolons versus pound signs / hash

    Yes, it's funny. I've been using them all along and they haven't seemed to cause a problem! Perhaps php just ignored them since it didn't know what to do with them :) LOL.

    But the parentheses...
  6. Discovered limitation in .ini file comments (semicolons versus pound signs / hashes,

    It looks like if you put parentheses() in comments that start with a # in your .ini file, it'll ignore everything in the file after that line.

    Looking at the parse_ini_file() documentation on...
  7. Testing for a maximum length in a field, and regular expression modifiers


    I'm trying to put some limitations on the max length of specific fields. The only way that I could come up with to do this is to use a regular expression, IE:

    conditions1 = ":@...
  8. Re: Minimum input string length for message field?

    I would say you could try a regular expression.

    For example, this regular expression would make sure that there are at least 3 consecutive characters in the First_Name field (mind you, it won't...
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    Re: Help with Computation


    Thanks again for your help and further documentation :)

    Yes, thanks for clarifying my thinking there :)
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    Re: Help with Computation

    OK, another question here.

    Can I do complex conditionals? IE, is there some way to do AND and OR in the computation?

    such as

    if (qty_Item1 < 1) and (qty_Item2 < 1)
    // something
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    Re: Multi-page form data does not submit

    Thanks for that --- it solved my problem.

    Unfortunately, I, too, am stumped on poor sono's problem down there.
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    Re: Help with Computation


    Thank you.

    I'm especially glad I can put these in the .ini file.

    I can't think of why I'd want to at present, but can you define functions and/or import your own functions?

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    Re: Trouble loading fmcompute module

    Sure ...

    I'm using 8.05 ...

    Woah! You're right. I downloaded a fresh copy and the "../tectite" isn't in there at all. Well, shoot. Funny, I don't remember doing any "replace alls" when I...
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    Re: Help with Computation

    Hey Nelson ---

    Thanks, I'm familiar with those and have scoured them :)

    It's an amazingly capable little tool for a formmail script :)

    I was more wondering about the specific capabilities of...
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    Re: Help with Computation

    OK, I found the answer to that question ---
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    Re: Help with Computation

    This suggests all sorts of questions about what can and can't be done with the computation module.

    First off, what data types do we have?

    From above, we can see that we have multiple data...
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    Re: Newbie Getting Started

    Well obviously that one would confuse HTML :)

    I guess it would have to be

    <if $Prod2Qty gt 0></if>

    or something like that :)
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    Re: Newbie Getting Started

    Are there any other operators supported for these? For example,

    <if $Prod2Qty > 0></if>

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    Trouble loading fmcompute module

    So I set my

    $MODULEDIR = "/home/";

    and my

    $FMCOMPUTE = "fmcompute.php";
  20. Should I use $aCleanedValues or $aStrippedFormVars to put data back into session?

    Hey there,

    I was just making a small modification so that I can access the submitted data from a session in good_url.

    I've got it working, by commenting the body of the ZapSession() function...
  21. Hook system and redirect, posting session data to good_url, ini files

    Hey there,

    Let me first say that your formmail script is awesome, thank you for sharing it with the public.

    I found I had need to do some modifications, and considered using the hook system,...
  22. Re: question about define("MAX_FILE_UPLOAD_SIZE",2048);

    The only way I can think that you could do that is use Javascript, which means that the browser would have to report / make the file size information available from the filesystem to javascript. As...
  23. Using conditions - supplement to documentation

    I had a little trouble with getting conditions working at first, and after searching the forums, it looks like several others had the same issue.

    It's really simple, basically that the doc at...
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