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    derived field %if question

    I wonder if I can make a derived field such that if field2 is blank then derivedfield=12345 and if field2 is not blank then derived field=field1-field2.

    The following does not work, but I'm...
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    Re: using multiple conditions in my form

    oops, I can't see very well, and I thought the thumbs down was a question mark...sorry, I didn't mean thumbs down at all
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    Can't find pricing


    I couldn't figure out what the price of the computation module for FM is. You mention that a 'lower cost' version may be available soon. Any eta? and what's the likely price?
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    Suggestions from a Newbie

    First of all, I want to thank you for a great program, and fabulous support. Not even considering that this program is FREE, the support was terrific. I found the documentation good enough so that...
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    Formatting the sent email

    I've got everything working, including the HTML mail template, but I don't like the output much. Here's my problem:

    My form has a lot of checkboxes, only a few of which will be filled in. if I...
  6. Re: using conditions, I see only the first failure

    I'm only using conditions, not required. I have conditions1 and conditions2. If there are errors in both conditions statements, only the errors in conditions1 are reported. If there are errors in...
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    using multiple conditions in my form

    The two statements in my form, shown below each evaluate properly, but ONLY the statement where the FIRST error occurs. So, if there is a blank 'code' field, then conditions1 is evaluated properly...
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    Re: Feedback Form & Templates

    Thanks for the code for verifying email addresses. I happen to have an hyphen in my email address, so I quickly became aware that the hyphen is missing from the validation. So if someone wants to...
  9. using conditions, I see only the first failure

    I am writing a form that is intended to provide information to AANE (Asperger's Association of New England) about all kinds of community resources. I am so impressed with this program! I have my...
  10. Re: Can I get the equivalent of NoEmpty using html forms? like a charm.
  11. Can I get the equivalent of NoEmpty using html forms?

    I have a large number of checkboxes on my form, only a few of which will be checked by any one submitter. I'd like not to have to see the unchecked fields. Can I do this and still use an html form?...
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