Just set up my form, it actually works. I sent myself a few test messages no problem. BUT I also found a STACK of these no_recipients errors.
AND all of them seem to be from spammers??? (Each one has some junk URL included.)

I read through the FAQ on the error. It's NO help at all. EXACTLY WHERE, and EXACTLY WHAT do I need to fix if anything?

And.... when I had the wizard form maker thingy do it's job, I put in two emails. One for errors, and one for my actual messages. Is that right?
All the errors did land in the right place. And my test messages went to me just fine. Could it be it detected the junk and sent it as an error.

I am SO confused about all this.
if it helps, my contact page is here.

oh one more thing. The error messages like I said all have some spam url in them. AND they all show the same user ip number. What's up with this?
Do I have one single spammer slamming my form?