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    Exclamation Image verification - Version 1.05

    Below you can download a free image verification or CAPTCHA script together with a test script. The test script displays an HTML form and verifies your input using the image verification script.

    Image verification or CAPTCHA software is used to ensure a real human is interacting with your forms.

    Version 3.00 of FormMail can use this image verification script to allow you to auto respond to people who submit your forms.

    Version 7.06 of FormMail can also use CAPTCHA to protect your forms from being submitted by bots. This means that you can ensure that only real human beings are submitting your forms.

    If you use verifyimg.php please support its development and the development of other freeware products by putting the following link on your website:

    Visit for free
    <a href="">Image Verification and CAPTCHA software</a>.
    Upload verifyimg.php (and verifytest.php) to your web site. Initially, open verifyimg.php with your browser to ensure your PHP supports images.

    If that's successful, you can test the verification process by opening verifytest.php in your browser.

    For more information read our HOW TO guide.

    Download Problems?

    If you can't download the attachment, it might be because of a bug in Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.

    In any case, you can use this alternate download location:
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