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    Default Site needs some organization

    The Formmail program is absolutely fantastic. I am going to promote it on my site under webmaster resources. However, it has taken the better part of two days to get everything together and find stuff between the forum and the Howto guides. All the separate pieces are a pain to find and configure separately. I understand that some people might want something plain and easy. But if you wanted that, you could just use the original formmail. In order to make the program usable, we want image verification and we need error handling with a return to form link, because, let's face it, most people don't know what to do when they see some error message on a blank page. It should all be packaged together in one program. Just my opinion. You should also have a mailing list/newsletter to keep people updated (and get them to buy your new additions and programs). A little self-promotion can't hurt your company!

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    Default Re: Site needs some organization


    Thanks for your feedback.

    Logically, it makes sense to have the image verification script separate to FormMail. In fact, we've never considered putting the IV (Captcha) code into FormMail - but maybe we should.

    We get a number of complaints about the size of FormMail.php, and those comments are somewhat justified.

    We plan to improve the Config Wizard so that it understands all the options (including Captcha) and provides a customized package. That might be the best way to go.

    If you keep CHECK_FOR_NEW_VERSION enabled, you will get notified of updates.

    As for a newsletter or blog, it's a great idea. We just need a bigger marketing department to handle all the work!
    Russell Robinson - Author of Tectite FormMail and FormMailDecoder

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    Default Re: Site needs some organization

    The size of formmail.php could be significantly smaller by taking out all of the instructions and version history. Those should be in seperate text files.

    There really needs to be one text file with ALL instructions and a logical step by step of what to do first (with options explained as needed).

    Also, all sample html files, and extra's such as formbadhandler.php, verifyimg.php should be included in one zip file, so a person has access to any and all of the files and samples when they download the zip file.

    It might also be more appropriate to make a user configuration file, instead of having all the config options "hidden" in the middle of the formmail.php file itself.

    This is a great script, but its a nightmare to set up...takes a lot longer than it really needs to because instructions are strung out all over the place, files that are needed are not included in the download... you have to come here and search for various parts and you're often left wondering if you've got everything you need.

    People really don't need the wizard, they just need clear concise instructions and a zip file that contains everything needed to get this script working the way they want it to work.

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    Default Re: Site needs some organization

    It seems to me the wizard has removed a lot of the common problems for initial setup. I suspect if some good tech writter, was to send in a refined setup guide Russell would accept it.

    For someone with that skill it might be a very simple job and a nice way to give something back to Russell. When he goes to all this trouble to make a great script then give it away his profit margin can not be too high. A tech writer may not be in the budget.

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