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Thread: display multiple selected options?

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    Question display multiple selected options?

    Hi, thanks for a great script! I have a question about dynamic displaying of options.

    Is the script capable of displaying selected options next to the box, like a sort of dynamically updating onscreen printout?

    For example, if you have a select box with 20 or 30 options to select from, and multiple selections are permitted - it is hard for the user to scroll up and down the selectbox trying to remember which options have been selected. And if you make the selectbox long enough to show all options, that would make the formpage very long and unwieldy.

    But if there is a way to make it show, next to the selectbox, a dynamically updating list of what was chosen, it would be easier for the user to see if anything was left out etc.

    I've attached a photoshopped mockup of what I mean.

    I didn't expect this to be a native capability of this script, but I thought this might be something a little javascript could accomplish fairly easily. But strangely enough I haven't been able to find anything like it on the net yet. It's not anything that has to pass a value on to the formmail script, it just has to be able to pick up whatever values are chosen in the select boxes and print them dynamically to the screen.

    Do you know if this is possible natively, or if a little scripting of some kind could be added into the form to do this?
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    Default Re: display multiple selected options?


    FormMail can support this using multi-page forms. The user gets to see the list on the second page.

    If you want it to dynamically update on the same page, that has nothing to do with form submissions. You have to use JavaScript to do it.
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