OK, I have this form setup on my server. It works fine when I set my address on the from to chris@imaginetdesigns.com but when I change my SERVER setting to redirect to cjaime3@comcast.net or cjaime3@sbcglobal.net it does not work. I though at first it had to do with my server but I also tested it this way. I set my form address to chris@imaginetdesigns.com , then on my server, for any email from chris@imaginetdesigns.com redirect to cjaime3@comcast.net. Now, when I send a DIRECT email to chris@imaginetdesigns.com it forwards with no problem to cjaime3@comcast.net so the problem lies with the form but ONLY when email forwarding is set on my server to any other email other than my emails I have hosted with this server. If anyone could help with this I would GREATLY appreciate it.