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Sorry about the life story that follows ???
I spent two weeks trying to get my site to send a form to my mail box and wasnt till after trying all sorts of sulutions i found out that it needs more than just path to perl i found an easy way when looking for new ways around it????
1 check with your internet provider if you can run the script they will look over it i found out that to enable formmail to work they had to activate it at that end and would be an extra charge.

2 i found a third party that gives you a piece of script to cut and past at the top and bottem of your forms thus the form goes through them worked perfect www.mvd.com down the bottom of there page i think i found the link or go to www.sellitonline.co.nz on the forms at this site when you submit them gives you an advert from a third party form handler works perfect simple but efective
i hope this works oter wise contact through that site let me know where to see the script and i will have a look become great at them after stearing at them day and night got them all over my lounge whats one more
Hi again,
I'm really not sure what your post means - are you looking for advice, or help on setting up Formmail from Tectite, which is free & available through www.tectite.com