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Thread: Can't E-Mail to addresses

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    Sorry no PEAR. I'm a 62 year old unemployed Sr. Programmer/Anayst who is trying to make a little money building websites. Currently learning Apache2/PHP/HTML/MySQL/JavaScript at the same time is enough - PEAR can wait until Bush is out of office. I can always fall back on HTML's mailto.

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    Im just a young kid I will not be 60 until May. Pear is open source. It is like a clearing house for pear classes. For some reason the site is down or I would get a link. Just Google PHP pear. If the pages look green you are there.

    This link might be helpful. Never saw Pear refered to as low hanging PHP fruit before. It does among other things mention email via php.
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    Thanks for the suggestion, but as I said I am already trying to learn so many new things now I'm holding off on PEAR & AJAX.

    Anyway late last night I contacted my server provider (OurInternet). This am the responded as follows:
    "The webserver IP has been whitelisted at comcast end right now. Feel free to let us know further assistance.".

    Now formmail works with @comcast address. I ask myself "Why the hell coudn't the 3 comcast people I spoke to or the 2 places I emailed (Cust & Tech Services) solve this problem???" I know, because they are stupid or to lazy to dothe proper research!!!

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