View Poll Results: Should Tectite FormMail have built-in field validation features?

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  • Yes, I would like FormMail to have a number of built-in field validation features.

    135 72.97%
  • No, I'm happy to use "conditions" and "required" for my field validations.

    42 22.70%
  • I'm happy to pay for an extensive set of field validations in FormMail as an add-on product.

    28 15.14%
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Thread: Poll: Should FormMail have more Built In Validations?

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    Default Re: Poll: Should FormMail have more Built In Validations?

    I'd like to see it made available both with and without the built-in validation. The reason for this is because I prefer to add the validation through Dreamweaver CS3, and having all those features in the formmail script clutters it up. However, I understand that Dreamweaver is expensive and not everyone chooses to use it.

    Just my $0.02!

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    Default Re: Poll: Should FormMail have more Built In Validations?

    I repeat what many have said - this is absolutely the greatest off of the shelf programming tool that I have ever used, And, that's what it really is. One is designing(programming) a web site and comes to the need for a form. I don't know how many there are out there, but I encountered 3. The other 2 were nightmares at best and garbage at worst.

    As to the question about validations, if including increases risk then I wouldn't use - unless there was no way of validating/reformatting at the database side AFTER receiving the email. I spent many years developing software for clerical input of insurance information (rating plans, claims reports, insured demographics, accounting processing, etc). in the course of that work I found that no matter how many input safeguards were created, there would always be a way for somebody to get something untoward in the system. Once I took the approach of analyzing the results, the quality of the databases improved remarkably - and input design much less complex. An example of what I am doing on the current form. I automatically strip the phone number supplied by the sender of all non-nummeric and then automatically apply (nnn) nnn-nnnn. In other cases, where I was apprehensive of their ability to be creative beyond my ability to decode, I used list boxes so that they can only pick qualified responses. My two-bits, good planning and thorough thinking should eliminate the need for most validation on the sender side.

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    Default Re: Poll: Should FormMail have more Built In Validations?

    Quote Originally Posted by russellr View Post
    For example, some built-in validations might be:
    • email address format (btw, spammers already know what a valid email address looks like)
    • phone number format (in this case you will put on your form the format you want people to use - you don't want them to have to guess)
    • Text only (alphabetic, numeric, and basic punctuation). This is for textareas etc.
    • Date format (various international formats as well).

    The email validation might be useful. The others not so much so. I never rely on the users to correctly format things like dates or phone should do this with multiple fields (exa. having three fields for phone numbers: area code, prefix & number).

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    Default Re: Poll: Should FormMail have more Built In Validations?

    Yes. It would be ideal if FormMail could have one validation field where we could enter a check for any constant or recurring string in any field. For example, a spammer consistently enters the string "rgergerger" in fields to get past the "required" element. Validation variables could be "field name" and "string."

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    Default Re: Poll: Should FormMail have more Built In Validations?

    Quote Originally Posted by pulp View Post
    i think formmail is really one of the best php scripts i ever used, i would happily pay for some kind of instant pre-submit validation add-on, based on javascript or ajax.

    i understand that server-side validation is better for many reasons, but the instant feedback of javascript/ajax validation really makes a huge usability difference for people filling forms.
    Totally agreed.

    Is the validation feature implemented in the newest formmail?

    I love tectite's formmail so much that I recommend it to every web designer. Working on a project that client wants server-side validation, as a result I am forced to look for other option too. Could formmail works with javascript/ajax validation? Someone in this thread mention about the Dreamweaver validation feature, what it is about? Please elaborate.

    Thank you very much!

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    Default Re: Poll: Should FormMail have more Built In Validations?


    Not only thanks for PHP FormMail, but thanks for asking for feedback.

    Validating fields is extremely important as, when left up to end users, input is most often flawed. That wastes time and makes for potentially incorrect data. I have no specific requests regarding validation. I feel that the more that's available to us, the better. Because of PHP FormMail's modularity, we'd be free to choose whcih (types of) fields we want validated.

    I hope validation is really on the table. I'd be chomping at the bit to try it out.


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    Default Re: Poll: Should FormMail have more Built In Validations?

    Yes it has one more filter needed badly.

    Seems Russell has more than he can do but maybe someone can lead me to a solution to this problem.

    Seems the bots are submitting more error messages than the spammers did. Is there a way to block emails that have a URL listed? If I can block the URLs then that would block the error messages bots are sending.

    I know each error message has a URL in them, but I would rather have that URL removed so any that did have a URL in them could be blocked but that would also require FormMail to generate error messages without any URLs and that code is more than the average person who uses the form can do.

    The page that created the error message, I know what that page is, so if that URL isn't in the error message that's ok. I just need to block the errors the bots are creating for they are getting to be a pain and I've only had this form up and working for a day now. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP so I can keep the DEF ALERT enabled but not have to put up with the stupid people in this world that have nothing better to do with their time than see how many headaches they can create.

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    Default Re: Poll: Should FormMail have more Built In Validations?


    I'm not sure whether this is what you need, but have you checked the ALERT_ON_USER_ERROR setting?

    This can be set to false for production forms and will stop spam generating annoying errors.
    Russell Robinson - Author of Tectite FormMail and FormMailDecoder

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    Default Re: Poll: Should FormMail have more Built In Validations?

    Let me check this out, sorry I am having so much trouble finding what I am looking for. IT seems you have most topics covered, just can't find what I am looking for most of the time.

    I did find the ATTACK_DETECTION_MANY_URL_FIELDS just now and that looks like it might solve this problem.

    I've read through most of your help pages but not being a PHP person and more of a html person I have a problem knowing just what is meant. My compresensive skills aren't very good and I learn by doing and reading instructions are the worst for me.

    Actually the hours you put in amazes me. I put in a lot but it seems you are online more than I am and that tells me a lot about you. It would be really nice to see more people who know PHP to help with the solutions but there isn't much you can do about that. Shame for you have a really great product but when people have problems they get discouraged and give up.

    I just keep trying and posting hoping someone will take pity on me or get tired of my questions and answer them. PLUS I have been through most of the instructions but as I said before a lot of them I don't understand. BUT My stupidy you can't do much about.

    Have a great day and thanks for the reply. NOW to check out the link you posted.

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    Default Re: Poll: Should FormMail have more Built In Validations?

    more validation for data types and input masks on the fields would be very useful.
    that said, i think your form mail is incredible and it gets 200 out of 100 in my book. your documentation is excellent too, which, not being a programmer, i find is often 3/4 of the battle. i've never used PHP before and in the space of 5 hours or so i've got it working for me with advanced error handling. sweet!

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