I uploaded the php file (renamed) and renamed the html form page.
The form is a reservation form. I modified the sample form adding some new text fields in Dreamweaver 8
I fill out the form and it says evrythings ok. When I check the mail
sent to me it shows the information I entered correctly
In From: its says "nobody@explorer.dnspipe.com".
and also comes back as follows. Notice there is nothing after email:
and realname: All the other info I request comes in fine. Why do I get
the extra email: and realname: with no information?

Number_of_Nights: 2
No_of_Guests: 2
Arrival_Date: nov 11
Departure_Date_: nov13
Full_Name: John Riddle
Home_Address: 3 wset st
Email: jr@panajachel.com
Additional_Requests: test
submit: Submit

I'm new to this.
Any help would be appreciated.