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Thread: Formmail works fine, but no e-mail

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    First of all, thanks for the really good script. I've gotten everything to work and even recieve a tidy confirmation when I send the form. However I don't recieve any e-mail.

    Is this something in the formmail script? For example if the domain the form is on is and I'm mailing to an address on, does this matter or do I have to search for the solution*in the configuration of the server?

    Appreciate any help you can offer,


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    Hi Wiggy,

    Sounds like a server problem.* Your formmail.php can live on a competely different domain to the target email.* There's no relationship required there.

    One thing you can try: set the DEF_ALERT in formmail.php to your email address, then generate an error in the form (for example, don't specify the name or some other field that's required).

    When formmail takes you to the error page, it will also send an email to the DEF_ALERT address.

    Note, however, the DEF_ALERT address must be included in the TARGET_EMAIL list of valid email address patterns.

    If you don't receive that email, then it certainly looks like a server problem.* Conversely, if you do receive it, then the original problem you're having is likely to be in the set up of your form or formmail.

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