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Thread: $return_link fails in FireFox

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    tsrwebmaster Guest

    Default $return_link fails in FireFox

    My email form works great in IE and Opera, but error handling in FFox is causing a problem.
    I use Formmail 7.15 and FnBadhandler 1.15 and have
    <input type="hidden" name="bad_url" id="bad_url" value="" />
    <input type="hidden" name="bad_template" id="bad_template" value="errortemplate.php" />
    in the form.
    Error template has
       <a name="ret_link" id="ret_link" href="$return_link">Return to form</a>
    and $return_link is correctly replaced in IE but not FFox

    This can be seen at
    Just leave all fields blank and click 'Send Email'
    This loads the error form and the 'return to Form' link is at the bottom.

    Did I miss something?

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    tsrwebmaster Guest

    Default Re: $return_link fails in FireFox

    I should add that I have the following at the start of my form
    $SESSION_NAME = "";     // if you're using a particular name for your session, specify it here.
    if (!empty($SESSION_NAME))
    But am unsure if this should be more like the following extract from the FmBadHandler commentary - line 255 (Verison 1.14)
    * So, at the top of the script the code should now be:
    * if ((bool) ini_get("session.use_trans_sid") == false)
    * if (isset($_GET['sessid']) && $_GET['sessid'] !== "")
    * session_id(urldecode($_GET['sessid']));
    * session_name("<put your session name here>"); // optional
    * session_start();
    * Also, in case use_trans_sid is disabled in your PHP *and* the user's
    * browser has cookies disabled, then you need to put this in the
    * form:
    * if ((bool) ini_get("session.use_trans_sid") == false)
    * echo "<input type=\"hidden\" name=\"".session_name().
    * "\" value=\"".session_id()."\" />\n";
    Also I tried on my own PHP test server and what works on my live server doesnt work on my test server - $return_link is not replaced -
    is my local PHP installation missing a setting?

    Any help appreciated

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    tsrwebmaster Guest

    Default Re: $return_link fails in FireFox

    now there's interesting
    Firefox fails
    Firefox works

    So thats got it.

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