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Thread: imgverify and email notification

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    Default imgverify and email notification

    I am using define("DEF_ALERT",""); to email me when someone does not fill out my form correctly. Is there a way to pick the fields that I do not want to be notified about?

    I still want to know when the 2 email addresses don't match or they have not filled in their name but I don't want to get emails when the imgverify fails to match or is left blank. The Spambots are having their way with me .

    Is there a way to stop emails for imgverify errors only?



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    Default Re: imgverify and email notification

    I can only tell you what I have done, and it has slowed down the spam bots to a crawl. Go through all the settings for ATTACK_DETECTION, duplicated fields, no urls in fields, etc, to make it impossible for them to spam you even if you don't have captcha, and then they will go on to an easier target.
    I can tell from the def alerts on my forms that don't have captcha, when the spam bots try to duplicate a field, but on my forms WITh captcha, I have only had one spam attempt....that I can see that is
    I am considering putting captcha on all my forms

    oh and to answer your question, no, as far as I can tell, def-alerts is an all or nothing setting. I too like to watch the user errors as that tells me if the user is having too much trouble filling out my form.

    just read about this, do a search in formail and see what you think
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    Default Re: imgverify and email notification

    Thanks for your suggestions I will certainly check those links to see if I can use them. I also like to see when a user is having a problem filling out the form, I was hoping I could stop the ones that don't enter the captcha image. I will do a search for ATTACK_DETECTION_IGNORE_ERRORS and report back if I find a solution.

    Have a great weekend,


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