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When using $TEMPLATEDIR, are you getting any error messages to the email set in DEF_ALERT?
None. I get the Oops page and no email is sent.
You might want to set up Advanced Error Handling so that you get more specific feedback about errors:

I'll take a look at that and see if I can work it out.
Also, in your form you've specified good_url and bad_url as "thanks" and "oops" rather than the complete file names ("thanks.html" and "oops.html"). I would think that would cause problems.
It doesn't seem to be. I've consistently gotten the Thanks page when an email was sent. The only time I've seen the Oops page is when I've put the DOCUMENT_ROOT path in TEMPLATEDIR. And that only started happening after I cleaned up the capitalization issue (thanks to you). I will take a look at the form when I get home tonight and see if adding the extension makes a difference.