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Thread: Adding up dynamically added fields

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    Default Adding up dynamically added fields


    I'm setting up a 2-page form right now and I'm wondering if the formmail computation module can handle something for me.

    The first page on the form has the option of dynamically adding new form fields via javascript ('registrant1', 'registrant2', etc). On the second page of the form, I need to show an order summary with a value based on the number of dynamically added registrants.

    Can the module deal with dynamically added fields?


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    All fields properly created with HTML or with JavaScript get submitted to the server.

    The computations occur on the server when the fields are processed by FormMail.

    FormMail doesn't (and cannot) know where the fields came from or how they were created.

    So, yes, the Computation Module can deal with the fields you've described.
    Russell Robinson - Author of Tectite FormMail and FormMailDecoder

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