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    Default FormMail ini file

    Is there a place to download a sample FormMail ini file that has more examples of how to than the instructions at

    I can't write code, donít really understand most of the time what I see and with the examples listed on the thread above I see what you are doing but there are other validations that I would like to have that would secure the form a little more. What are they, I'm not sure because I really donít know what hackers or spammers do to bypass security. I just started working with a contact/submission form and really don't know what security is needed, what will help and what will do more harm than good as the experts here know.

    So I guess what I am asking has anyone created a ini file that could be adapted for the common user and could easily be converted changing some entries I guess you would call them so we all can have the extra security an ini file could provide?

    Maybe I am asking a question that is impossible to do but unless I ask, I will never know.

    Have a great day and as always I'd like to say thanks for all the great help here.

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    Default Re: FormMail ini file

    Seems Russell is the only one who can answer questions on this site and he is so busy with the problems of those who can afford to pay for support that most of these posts in the community go without help.

    I know Russell is overworked but isn't there anyone out there that knows PHP well enough to shed some light on some of these problems?

    This site does have some good features when searching because it usually shows related key words. The first search I did it showed me related key words results but since then I seem to be using all wrong key words in the searches.

    So many of these posts are going unanswered.

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