Hey there,

I was just making a small modification so that I can access the submitted data from a session in good_url.

I've got it working, by commenting the body of the ZapSession() function and putting the data to the session right before session_write_close() is called in the Redirect() function.

My question is this:

Which variable is the best one to use to get the data?
I know that Tectite formmail processor does a good bit of cleaning / sanitizing the input, and I don't want to reinvent that wheel.

I've found both $aStrippedFormVars and $aCleanedValues, and it looks like most of the work is being done on $aCleanedValues, so that's what I'm going to use to pass to the session, I just wanted to get confirmation / second opinion if possible.

PS here's my code line:

$aSessionVars['myFormData'] = $aCleanedValues;

Aaron W
Albuquerque, NM