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Thread: Retaining HTML Tags

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    Default Retaining HTML Tags

    Hi Russell

    Is there a means to include HTML tags in computed field values?
    if (sFinish != '')
         sListData = '<b>Finish: </b>'.sFinish;
    Then have the results for $sListData be:
    Finish: sFinishValue
    instead of
    <b>Finish: </b>Mahogany (HTML: &lt;b&gt;Finish: &lt;/b&gt;Mahogany)


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    The short answer is: no, not at the moment.

    The reason is that allowing HTML to be passed via a submitted form presents a security problem - Cross Site Scripting Vulnerability, in particular.

    I know you're writing the computation code, but that doesn't stop an attacker from submitting replacement or additional computation code.

    However, there will be a need to provide this feature at some stage. We'll probably go the way of "bbcode" - where you can't write HTML, but you can write some special tagging that gets translated into safe HTML code.

    E.g. this is bold
    Russell Robinson - Author of Tectite FormMail and FormMailDecoder

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