Is their any merit in adapting a layer style for formmail. What kind of ways could this be adapted into the style of html as well? Does anyone see any advanced usage by combining both examples? This is a little fishing expedition of course!

<title>Multi-Page Form</title>
<script language="JavaScript">
var currentLayer = 'page1';
function showLayer(lyr){
	document.getElementById(lyr).style.visibility = 'visible';
	currentLayer = lyr;

function hideLayer(lyr){
	document.getElementById(lyr).style.visibility = 'hidden';
function showValues(form){
	var values = '';
	var len = form.length - 1; //Leave off Submit Button
	for(i=0; i<len; i++){
		if(form[i].id.indexOf("C")!=-1||form[i].id.indexOf("B")!=-1)//Skip Continue and Back Buttons
		values += form[i].id;
		values += ': ';
		values += form[i].value;
		values += '\n';
	font: 10pt sans-serif;
	position: absolute;
	top: 10;
	left: 100;
	visibility: hidden;

<form id="multiForm" method="POST" action="javascript:void(0)" onSubmit="showValues(this)">
<div id="page1" class="page" style="visibility:visible;">
  <p>Question 1 <input type="text" id="T1" size="20"></p>
  <p>Question 2 <input type="text" id="T2" size="20"></p>

  <p>Question 3 <input type="text" id="T3" size="20"></p>
  <p>Question 4 <input type="text" id="T4" size="20"></p>
  <p>Question 5 <input type="text" id="T5" size="20"></p>
  <p><input type="button" id="C1" value="Continue" onClick="showLayer('page2')"></p>
<div id="page2" class="page">
  <p>Question 6 <input type="text" id="T6" size="20"></p>
  <p>Question 7 <input type="text" id="T7" size="20"></p>

  <p>Question 8 <input type="text" id="T8" size="20"></p>
  <p>Question 9 <input type="text" id="T9" size="20"></p>
  <p>Question 10 <input type="text" id="T10" size="20"></p>
  <p><input type="button" id="B1" value="Go Back" onClick="showLayer('page1')"><input type="button" id="C2" value="Continue" onClick="showLayer('page3')"></p>
<div id="page3" class="page">
  <p>Question 11 <input type="text" id="T11" size="20"></p>
  <p>Question 12 <input type="text" id="T12" size="20"></p>

  <p>Question 13 <input type="text" id="T13" size="20"></p>
  <p>Question 14 <input type="text" id="T14" size="20"></p>
  <p>Question 15 <input type="text" id="T15" size="20"></p>
  <p><input type="button" id="B2" value="Go Back" onClick="showLayer('page2')"><input type="button" id="C3" value="Continue" onClick="showLayer('page4')"></p>
<div id="page4" class="page">
  <p>Question 16 <input type="text" id="T16" size="20"></p>
  <p>Question 17 <input type="text" id="T17" size="20"></p>

  <p>Question 18 <input type="text" id="T18" size="20"></p>
  <p>Question 19 <input type="text" id="T19" size="20"></p>
  <p>Question 20 <input type="text" id="T20" size="20"></p>
  <p><input type="button" id="B3" value="Go Back" onClick="showLayer('page3')"><input type="submit" value="Submit" id="submit"></p>


Pretty cool huh?