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Thread: Missing Form Fields

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    For some reason, formmail is not sending me all the field entries for some of my forms. I have set the email and realname fields as required, but when I enter text into the fields and submit the form, I receive a blank email. I have checked that all the html settings are correct, and I do not receive an error message.

    Does anyone have any idea why formmail is not emailing me the required text fields in my forms, even though they are being submitted?

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    wots the url for ur form?

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    Actually, I figured it out! It looks like formmail is designed to omit email and realname submissions when a form only has three questions. To change this action, the form must include <input type="hidden" name="mail_options" value="AlwaysList">.

    With this code, formmail will always email the results in a list format, including email and realname submissions, even for three question forms.

    Thanks for offering to help though!

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