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    I am having problems getting it to use my full path to the HookDir.

    I have done a

    echo getcwd();

    from a php file in the directory I want to use for the HooDir files (and templates, It shows the full path, but if it use it in the $HOOK dir it does not seem to be used.

    I am trying to have a php file in that directory called after the form has been processed to insert the data collected into a database. In debugging it, I find that If I user the $TemplateDir in place of the $Template URL it also fails. This lead me to be fairly sure that the path is not correct (and I get an error saying it could not find the templates.

    Is there a better way to find the full path? is there no $HOOKURL that can be used in place of the $HOODir ?

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    No $HOOKURL. See my post in your other thread.


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