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Thread: Update notices but I've already updated!

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    Default Update notices but I've already updated!

    Hi Russell,
    just to let you know I've received 2 update notices to upgrade from formmail 5.02 to 5.03 - I upgraded on the first e-mail to the newer version. But today I got another e-mail asking me to upgrade? here is part of the 2nd e-mail I received.

    A later version of FormMail is available from
    You are currently using version 5.02.
    The new version available is 5.03.
    Now supports languages other than English.

    FromAddr is now processed with AT_MANGLE (protect it from spambots).

    Environment and server variables are now available for derived fields.

    Some bug fixes and server-problem workarounds.
    ***For easy FormMail upgrade, use our new FormMail Upgrade Wizard!
    Available here:

    Any idea how to stop getting these message when I have already upgraded?



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    Default Re: Update notices but I've already updated!


    It probably isn't wrong. If you check the formmail.php on your server, at the top, you'll probably see 5.02.

    Maybe you upgraded but forgot to upload to the server?
    Russell Robinson - Author of Tectite FormMail and FormMailDecoder

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    Default Re: Update notices but I've already updated!

    Hi Russell

    Yes, you were right. Sorry about that - was a silly mistake on my part.

    I will be upgrading to 6.0 soon anyway to give me the geoIP features. But will need to do some more testing on it to feel 100% sure that this beta version will function 100%.

    Will give you some feedback on it after a few weeks.

    Best regards,


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