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Thread: No Longer Receiving Messages

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    Default No Longer Receiving Messages

    When I first set it up it works fine, but after a few tests we no longer receive the message to our email. Sometimes it comes in many hours, even days later, sometimes not at all.

    This has happened to me many times using this form mail and everytime have to stop using it and use another. I think it is time to ask why and maybe someone else is having the same problem or knows how to fix it.

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    formmailers (including tectite's) are responsible for telling the server to send the email

    they are not responsible for delivering it - that's the server's job.

    delays in receiving will be caused by ur sending server or ur receiving server (or both), not the formmail script.

    u said u used a different formmail - did that have the same problem?

    if not, which one was it?

    also, can ur hosting provider supply a php script that sends email reliably and instantly?

    if so, post the script here and we can find out why it works better

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