Like coop (see this thread: I wanted the security of being able to use the INI file.

I read and understood this thread:

I have done the following:
I have read/done the following documents/tutorials:
My setup is as follows:
Server running Linux & Apache (don't know which flavours) - hosted by 1&1 in Germany
PHP version 5.2.14
FormMail version 8.23

Contents of formmail.ini:
us = ""

Changes to formmail.php:
define("DB_SEE_INI",true); // To see if the INI file is found
$FORM_INI_FILE = "/kunden/homepages/0/x123456789/htdocs/form/ini/formmail.ini"; // full path returned by the email sent by directing my browser to and adding the /form/ini/formmail.ini to it (x12345789 changed for security)
$TARGET_EMAIL = array("^info@mysite\.org$");

Please note I originally set up .htaccess to prevent browsing of the ini file, but removed it in case it was stopping the server itself from accessing it (to no avail).

In the sample.htm file I changed the appropriate line to reflect our site:
<form method="post" action="" name="SampleForm">
and also:
<input type="hidden" name="recipients" value="us" />

Every time I get "An error occurred while processing the form . The staff at have been alerted to the error. apologizes for any inconvenience this error may have caused."

The email sent to us says the following:

The following error occurred in FormMail :
Error=The form has an internal error - no valid recipients were specified.
[The remaining text entries in the form follow at this point.]

After hours of trying different absolute/relative path declarations for the ini file (as suggested by other users on the forums) I finally contacted 1&1 support. They advise that formmail.php is the cause but they were unable to identify why or where the problem is. They suggested a compatibility issue (I think - unfortunately my support only speak Spanish, and mine is not perfect!).

Hope this saves anyone else the hassle of trying to acheive the impossible with 1&1 hosting, using formmail and needing to use an ini file.

Looks like a great product, I'm sorry to have to start again looking for something similar.