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Thread: resize attached images

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    Default resize attached images

    My aim is to create an emailing system to receive uploaded images with details.
    Using FormMail this works great.
    However these images will be printed at mostly 8" x 6" and less often at
    6" x 4" both with a print resolution of 300 dpi.
    The originals of these images will have a variety of resolutions.
    I would like to re-size the images dynamically to default to 2400 x 1800 dpi for the 8" pictures and 1800 x 1200 dpi for the 6" pictures within the form before uploading.
    I have been trying with a spectacular lack of success to do the above in PHP and with Java scripts.
    Has anyone managed to achieve anything similar within FormMail?
    Any help or comments, would be most, most appreciated.

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    Default Re: resize attached images


    It sounds like you need to write some PHP code that uses the GD library to do the resizing.

    This can be easily hooked into FormMail during processing.

    Write the code to resize an image, and get that working first. We can then explain how to hook it into FormMail.

    If you need help in writing the resizing code, we do offer contract programming services.
    Russell Robinson - Author of Tectite FormMail and FormMailDecoder

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    Default Re: resize attached images

    Russell thank you yet again.
    Have made progress with GD.
    The answers are so simple when you understand the question.
    My problem is the more I understand the question then the question becomes ever larger.
    So fascinating.
    Russ will you be at the phpMelb Sept meeting or the Open Source Developers Conference 24-26 Sept?

    Cheers and thank you,


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