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    I was wondering if there's any kind of feature in Formmail that allows me to specify an array of words that, if found in the form results, would mark it as junk? I know there's something in place that detects nonsensical spam, and I do already employ the CAPTCHA. I know these advertisement form submissions are probably from bots, but I'd like the added security of being able to block submissions by content, if at all possible.

    I'm sure there's a way to do it if I could program it into formmail myself, but I'm unfortunately a designer, not a programmer.

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    This is really identical to email spam filters. They look for words, phrases, use Bayesian analysis, etc. etc.

    They also don't work.

    By "work", I mean they block legitimate email.

    For this reason, we've steered clear of adding a "bad words" filter to FormMail.

    I'm not saying we won't ever do it, but it's just not trivial to get right.

    I don't know of anyone who still gets spam after implementing the current anti-spam measures in FormMail.

    So, if you're still getting spam form submissions, I suspect you haven't implemented them effectively.

    Advertisements almost always have URLs. So, do you have the URL attack detection on place, for example?

    You need to analyze the spam you're getting and determine the best feature(s) in FormMail to block it.

    We can do this for you as part of a support subscription.

    If there isn't an existing feature that will block it, then we ( need to figure out a new feature to achieve this.
    Russell Robinson - Author of Tectite FormMail and FormMailDecoder

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    Thank you for getting back to me. I have only just implemented formmail and have not received any spam, but I was only interested in this particular feature at the request of my client. I do have all the other anti-spam features activated, so if they'll be enough, that additional feature would just be unnecessary. Thanks again.

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