Hi All

I have an issue regarding multiple uploads, and a theory about my problem.

I have a form which has a maximum of four image uploads.

I have an upload/email limit on my server which after lots of testing I have established is about 9-10MB (as the server has to email attachments to me).

I have set MAX_FILE_UPLOAD_SIZE to 9000 to invoke a custom message rather than the server error kicking in.

However a thought has occurred to me: FormMail appears to be examining each file individually for a 9MB limit, whereas I need it to calculate a size for the COMBINED uploads before allowing the server to email the attachments.

In my current setup, a single upload which is too large will easily be caught by MAX_FILE_UPLOAD_SIZE, but four smaller uploads (say 4MB each) will not be filtered by MAX_FILE_UPLOAD_SIZE and will be passed to the server, which then errors because it uses too much memory (16MB) to build the email I'm waiting for.

Is this theory correct? And if so is there a way to get FormMail to consider the upload size as a whole, rather than checking individual files? I am running version 8.16.

Thanks in advance.