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    Hi, I was wondering about autoresponding to a specific email address that's not the person filling out the form. On our system, there are two people who get the forms, me (as the one who built the forms/site) and the business owner. I don't need to receive the whole forms, but I do want to receive an autoresponse of some kind that a form was submitted, with just a couple of the entries. I don't want an autoresponse to go to the person submitting the form, and I want the regular form to go to the business owner.

    Is it possible to have one template set up to send me a couple pieces of the information (not all of it), and keep the regular template to send the full form to the business owner?

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    As far as I know that would take either some custom programming, or the use of Tectite's Computation Module.

    Why wouldn't you just make both you and the business owner recipients? Just separate the two email addresses with a comma.


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    I'm not allowed to receive the entire contents of the message, since it'll be medically related.

    I think I've figured out a way, not using Formmail, and instead some code that will execute when someone arrives at the Thank You page. Not sure if it'll work, but if it doesn't, I'll take another look at the Computation Module. Thanks for your help.

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