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    Question Autoreply with PDFs

    Hi. I manage a website for a social club. Among other activities, there are a lot of keen cooks, and they want to share recipes upon payment of a nominal sum (via PayPal) for each recipe. The recipes I have in .pdf format.

    The sequence would be this - user fills in a form with their details, requests a specific recipe from a drop-down list, and clicks "Submit". They are then sent to PayPal to take the dosh, which then returns them to my website which then emails them (by autorespond?) the requisite pdf file. An email is sent to me to tell me they've ordered, paid and had their recipe sent to them.

    One simple question - how do I do this?

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    FormMail can help with this but it can't do it all without additional PHP code.

    It can ensure the form is filled out correctly, and redirect the user to PayPal with the appropriate URL parameters (provided PayPal will work with URL parameters - that would need to be verified).

    But, the redirect back to your site from PayPal (in a secure way that ensures people can't just steal the download without paying) requires additional logic.

    We do freelance PHP development, so if you'd like a quote, please contact me via email to discuss.
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    I thought the answer might be along those lines.

    As I say, it's a social club with not too much money so I don't think it's really on, but thanks for the info, Russell. I have an alternative - they fill in the form, pay PayPal, which then sends me an email with the order. I then email the individual member with the PDF!

    Simpler, but slightly more work - what the heck.

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