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Thread: Formmail without form?

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    One of my websites has Formmail already installed for a couple of forms. It took a little work to get operational, but it's now fine & lovely. I really like the script.

    The site is for a choir. It has a "public" area and a "members only" private area as well which is well-protected with multi-user password system which I developed myself without a database (hosting company doesn't provide MySQL except on payment of lots more money which the choir doesn't have).

    Within the "members area" is a page on which people can sign up for singing at weddings. If they sign up, their name is added to a file which is viewable (suitably formatted) by any other member. When their voice section (Soprano, Alto, Tenor or Bass) is full, there is one more space for a reserve who is called in if anyone drops out. People can also remove their names from this list.

    The page on which they add their names then goes to a php page which processes the info and updates the file held on the server.

    On either adding or removal of names, I want an email (in HTML format) to go to two of the choir administrators and to the person who put their names on the list (or removed their name). If their removal results in a "reserve" being bumped up to the main list, then an email to them as well.

    But I don't want any form of captcha - it's not necessary as members of the public (or bots) can't get at this area of the website. A captcha will also take up space on the page which I can't afford as things stand.

    Is this possible? Can I generate the "cc" field of the form using php? Can I also generate two or three slightly different emails using the same form?

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    With additional PHP code, you can use FormMail to do most of this for you.

    FormMail has a Hook System that lets you run additional PHP code at appropriate places in the processing.

    You'll need learn what FormMail functions to call to send the emails you want, and the best place to hook the code into, but it's doable.

    If you would like to contact me by email or PM we can discuss the best way for you to proceed.
    Russell Robinson - Author of Tectite FormMail and FormMailDecoder

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    Default Re: Formmail without form?

    That's good news, Russell - thanks for your reply.

    I'm away from home for the next few days, but will contact you next week.

    All the best,

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    Sent you an email, Russell.

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