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    Smile "Read Recipets"

    How about the option to request a "Read Receipt", aka MDN - Message Disposition Notification?

    I believe this would require the ability to insert one or more of the following headers:-

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    Thanks for your suggestion.

    Yes, there is an internet standard for MDN, which is specified here:So, the way this would work is:

    1. User fills in your form.
    2. You receive the email from FormMail showing the "From" address as being the user's email address.
    3. The email header includes the MDN specification.
    4. When you read the email, your email program sends the Notification back to the user that you've read the email containing their form submission.
    At step 4, this is entirely dependent on your email program. Some support MDN in different ways, others completely ignore it.

    At step 1, your form might ask "Do you want to be notified when we read your form submission?" (or similar), thereby making the MDN request optional to the user.

    This seems like a viable and useful feature, so we're happy to put it on the TO DO list.

    Is that what you had in mind with this?
    Russell Robinson - Author of Tectite FormMail and FormMailDecoder

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    Spot on, Russell, that's exactly what I had in mind.

    Of course, I appreciate that some email applications totally ignore MDN's and also that some users might have it disabled in their email apps, or choose not to send an MDN - mine (Windows Mail) is set up to ask me each time if I want to send an MDN. Usually I say yes. Sometimes no. And I often add a request for an MDN for any important email I'm sending.

    So I appreciate that it's not anything foolproof, but might be a useful facility.

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