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Thread: Error 401 on $return_link

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    Default Error 401 on $return_link

    I'm getting 401 errors on my $return_link from the $bad_template page.

    I have a form in a directory that is protected via .htaccess. I'm trying to set up a simple autoresponder for those who have the Username and Password for that directory and who correctly fill in the CAPTCHA.

    However, in testing the CAPTCHA, clicking on the $return_link on the error page gives me the following error:

    USER_AGENT=Mozilla%2F5.0+(Macintosh%3B+Intel+Mac+OS+X+10_7_2)+AppleWebKit%2F534.52.7+(KHTML%2C+like+Gecko)+Version%2F5.1.2+Safari%2F534.52.7&sessid=tb23sjkhch8r19pf0j1kg22ri0&: Failed: 401 Authorization Required
    It's supposed to be returning the visitor to the same page that he already accessed, so I don't think that .htaccess would block him from going back there.

    FYI, the autoresponder email is a fixed email (TXT & HTML templates provided), containing a download link. The purpose is simply to capture a "valid" email address, before providing a download link (i.e. the visitor can't get the download link, without providing a valid email address).

    Any ideas would be welcome.

    John Gaver
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    Default Re: Error 401 on $return_link

    for error handling, the user *is not* sent back to the page.

    wot happens is fmbadhandler loads the page itself, adds in the original field values, and then sends the resulting HTML to the user.

    so the user gets the original page displayed, but the URL is different - u can see it in the browser address bar

    so, wot u need is to authenticate fmbadhandler so it can access the directory

    since ur server is access in the page, u can add something to .htaccess to always allow that IP address ot the directory

    there are settings along with a whole lot of documentation about this issue at the top of fmbadhandler.php. Look for "HTTP Authentication"

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    Default Re: Error 401 on $return_link

    Thanks, crabtree. It sounds logical. I just wasn't sure where to start looking. I'll try it and post the results later.

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