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Thread: Repository works 100%, emails work 99%

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    Default Repository works 100%, emails work 99%

    Here's an odd one for you…

    Recently I converted FormMail so upload files to the server, rather than emailing them to us. Our server cannot email large attachments so it seemed like the best way.

    Since then, a few emails have gone astray. Only two so far, out of a hundred or so submissions. The uploaded file arrives on the server, but there is no corresponding email containing the form data.

    I know the script must be firing, otherwise the upload wouldn't be there at all (when it arrives, it is renamed correctly, and in the correct location specified by $FILE_REPOSITORY).

    I have checked our mail settings -at the mailserver end- and there are no anti-spam filters in place. Nor is there any sign of the missing mail on the mailserver. I can only assume it never arrived there, or it's *very* late and still in the ether somewhere. I have received other submissions from FormMail successfully since then.

    I have not received any error report from FormMail.

    Can anyone help? I realise this could be an issue with my host, but in my experience you guys are way more helpful then they are going to be, so I have come here first.



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    Default Re: Repository works 100%, emails work 99%

    so, if u want to track this down u have to look at ur sending server's email logs and see wot happened to the missing email.

    did it get sent? if so, then u know the problem is at the receiving end.

    if it didn't get sent, then u can track down the problem at the sending server

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    Default Re: Repository works 100%, emails work 99%

    Hi Crabtree

    I found the POST request in the server log and asked my host what happened to the outgoing mail (I don't have access to email logs, it seems). They responded by saying that there had been a 'glitch' in the server and that it shouldn't happen again. So it sounds like they are holding their hands up on this one.

    I am testing the script again- 100% success rate so far, so hopefully all is fixed.

    Thanks for the pointer anyhow...

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