Here's an odd one for you…

Recently I converted FormMail so upload files to the server, rather than emailing them to us. Our server cannot email large attachments so it seemed like the best way.

Since then, a few emails have gone astray. Only two so far, out of a hundred or so submissions. The uploaded file arrives on the server, but there is no corresponding email containing the form data.

I know the script must be firing, otherwise the upload wouldn't be there at all (when it arrives, it is renamed correctly, and in the correct location specified by $FILE_REPOSITORY).

I have checked our mail settings -at the mailserver end- and there are no anti-spam filters in place. Nor is there any sign of the missing mail on the mailserver. I can only assume it never arrived there, or it's *very* late and still in the ether somewhere. I have received other submissions from FormMail successfully since then.

I have not received any error report from FormMail.

Can anyone help? I realise this could be an issue with my host, but in my experience you guys are way more helpful then they are going to be, so I have come here first.