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Thread: Captcha processing problem

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    Default Captcha processing problem

    I have a problem with captcha processing...

    Formmail works fine, including getting error strings into the bad_template (fmerrorlist?), except for a captcha input mismatch. In that case, the user sees only my general error alert on the bad template page. However, the message sent to the DEF_ALERT email address does include the "doesn't match" message. Note that submitting a blank captcha field does work, i.e. the message string from Require_Captcha is sent to the bad template.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    Default Re: Captcha processing problem

    I note there has been no answer to this post which is a pity because I have a similar problem.

    I have just upgraded to the latest version of formmail and implemented recaptcha on an existing form.

    Everything works OK with the exception that when the wrong characters are entered into the captch response field I am redirected via the fmbadhandler script to my error page but no details of the error are displayed. I do get the usual script error email which states:

    The following error occurred in FormMail : recaptcha Error=reCaptcha verification failed (incorrect-captcha-sol)

    But this is not displayed to the user.

    Any other form errors are displayed as set up in my formmail.ini file.

    If the captcha response field is returned empty the "You must enter the image characters" message appears on my error page this being the value specified by $REQUIRE_CAPTCHA in formail.php.

    How do I display a "Captcha verification failed" error on my error page? Do I need to set this up in my .ini file?

    Hope this gets a response.



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