Hi All

I'm not a programmer but have just enough knowledge to look after a small business website, I've been using formmail for a while but now want to capture the information in a csv file.

I'm having great difficulty setting the whole thing up. I have configured formmail.php:

$CSVDIR = "/opt/vhosts/whleary.co.uk/httpdocs/";

And set the form up to write to the csv:

<input type="hidden" name="csvfile" value="formdata.txt" />

I've placed a blank file in the web directory called, formdata.txt, but nothing is happening!

I suspect two things: The path may not be correct (to the location of the csv file)....but more than that, I know the csv file is not 'null'.....but have no idea how to get a 'null' file uploaded or created....

Please help if you can.

Thank you