So my form has worked for years, recently I went and added some security features and now I only receive some of my emails.
I added

a "formmail.ini" file and named it "86fuh8y6gu&J.ini"
Changed "fmtemplates" folder to "fm!84&H!templates"
and changed "cvsdir" folder to "csv!4G5&h!dir" and "formdata.csv" filename to "form!gHt&jT!data.csv"

If the spammers can't guess the name I figure I'm pretty safe. But somewhere through all this I don't receive all my emails anymore.

I noticed because I get a formmail alert email and my csv file gets a line added to it. But no email!!

Any ideas?
Maybe because of the special characters in the names.

I will be happy to post any code if it will help.
Also the form functions as should and takes me to the goodurl page. but no email